Friday Night in Layton: Where to Go?

As we were driving home from Salt Lake the other night, the question of the evening came up. Where do we eat? It was later in the evening and the choices along the interstate are fairly limited. We have the Outback, Red Robin and a few fast food places. We hadn????????t been to Red Robin for a while, so we decided to go for the fish and chips.

As we were waiting, I decided I wanted to try to grilled turkey burger (trying to be healthy and all). I was excited because the turkey burgers that I have had are really good. I was picturing the turkey burger from Maddox and Juniper Take-out. Nice and thick and juicy. I shouldn????????t have pictured that.

Red Robin is designed to handle a lot of people. On a Friday night, this is proven with people waiting outside and inside. The hostesses and waiters are friendly and pretty accommodating considering how many people they have to serve. Unfortunately, our table was next to a loud group whose voices really carried. It didn????????t help that they were just four feet from us. It was difficult to talk with each other across the table until the group left.

I digress. I need to get back to the meal. The side salad was fresh and tasted great with the honey mustard dressing. The strange thing is that they brought the salad at the same time as the main course. Oh well. No waiting for the main course to come out.

The grilled turkey burger was picture perfect. Literally, like it was used for a picture on menu. The meat looked like a hamburger patty ??????? about the same thickness as a quarter pound patty. There was a nice chipotle sauce on the burger with a nice spice. However, without the sauce, the turkey burger was pretty tasteless. I guess that is what I get for trying to be healthy at a non-healthy place.

I get a little tired of the seasoned salt that restaurants use on their French fries. Red Robin is not alone in this. The worst part is that I forget to request the fries without their seasoned salt. I prefer my fries with plain salt and I can choose the sauce (ketchup, fry sauce, etc.) to go on them.

Next time, I will get the fish and chips.

If you are going to Red Robin in Layton, Utah, the address is 1562 Woodland Park Drive, Layton, Utah (801) 779-3511.


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