Free Phoenix-Maricopa Community College program trains for entry customer service jobs

City of PhoenixHigh school graduates and others looking to move into a profession with a career track can start with basic experience for that foot-in-the-door job through a free program through Arizona @ Work/Phoenix and the Maricopa Community Colleges.

Participants will earn a certificate recognized by the National Customer Service Management Association.

Contact centers provide solid customer service experience and an entrée into high wage financial service careers in banking, insurance and lending, health care, and technology companies.

Financial service companies like Charles Schwab, Farmer’s Insurance, Quicken Loans, United Health Care, JPMorgan Chase & Company, Bank of American and others added 7,600 jobs in June bringing the “FinServe” job sector to 181,200 jobs, compared to 173,600 a year ago. Farmer’s is in the process of hiring 400 before the end of 2017.

Technology companies like GoDaddy and Carvana also hire for contact center positions.

Beginning August 14, Gateway Community College is offering a four-week certificate program to provide training necessary for the first level jobs. Moving into financial services, the fastest-growing job sector in the Valley, workers gain a foothold on a career ladder with the entry contact center jobs.

The four-week Customer Service program provides the skill set needed to land that first job in the sector. Classes are offered at Gateway’s Washington Campus, 108 N. 40th St., Phoenix.

Many of these jobs are ideal for single parents and full-time students seeking flexible work schedules.

The certificate program teaches listening skills, learning to work with different kinds of customers, and providing the confidence for someone to work within a customer service organization. Certificate candidates learn how to respond to customer needs and grow technical and interpersonal skills. These are fundamental to moving up the career ladder to other positions in most sectors.

For more information, contact: Cynthia Rochester, 602-392-5065, [email protected]edu. Website: Gatewaycc.edu/customer-service

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