Free Online Tool Available to Help Students Address Mental Health Concerns

Students at all of Utah State University’s campuses now have free access to an online tool to help them address mental health concerns. The university is now covering the cost for students to access the ACT Guide program, which is regularly $10 per user. 

“The ACT Guide program is an important part of a comprehensive approach to addressing students’ mental health issues so they can succeed academically,” said USU President Noelle Cockett. 

ACT Guide is an online mental health program centered on acceptance and commitment therapy, an evidence-based treatment found to be effective for a wide range of mental health concerns. 

Michael Levin, the lead ACT researcher in USU’s Department of Psychology, says the online tool is designed to translate skills that clients typically learn with a therapist into a self-help format where students can learn at their own pace and in the privacy of their own home. This last feature makes it particularly helpful for USU students. 

“We have students in every corner of the state who could benefit from the ACT Guide program, and it will be available to them when they need it wherever they are located,” said Scott Deberard, executive director of Counseling and Health at USU.  

The need for mental health services has increased throughout the nation in recent years, and universities in particular have seen a sharp rise in demand due to reduced stigma around mental health coupled with rising rates of depression and other mental health problems. 

In addition to the ACT Guide, USU has invested in hiring more counselors, a large portion of the funding for which comes from student fees, and creating a prevention program to help students take care of their mental health and address issues early. 

ACT was developed by psychologists at the USU Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence and launched in October of last year. Learn more at https://scce.usu.edu/services/act-guide/