Four Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Alignment

Four Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Alignment

Bad tire alignment can lead to a lot of problems with your vehicle. It can affect your vehicle?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s driving performance and cause unnecessary wear on your tires, shortening their lifespan. When a vehicle?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s wheels are properly aligned, the ride is smooth and the vehicle moves forward in a relatively straight line if the wheel is loosely held. Although you will still be able to drive if your vehicle is out of alignment, it won?›ƒ?ªƒ?›t handle as well and you?›ƒ?ªƒ?›ll wear through tires and other parts more quickly than you should.

Most drivers are unaware they need an alignment until their mechanic tells them. But once you know what to look for, the signs will be obvious. If your vehicle needs an alignment, you will notice the following:

* While driving straight, your steering wheel is turned to one side or the other.

* Your vehicle pulls to one side when driving. You constantly need to correct your steering to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line.

* Uneven wear on the tires, usually on the outside edge of one or more of the tires. On a properly aligned vehicle, tires wear evenly.

* There is a noticeable vibration in the steering wheel at higher speeds.

An out of alignment vehicle is a common result of everyday driving. Bumping into a curb, hitting a pothole, or even a small accident can knock some of the highly calibrated components off-kilter, making the wheels sit at abnormal angles. A proper alignment corrects the angles so the wheels sit straight.

The most visible benefit of an alignment is less tire wear, and as the tires wear they do so more evenly. Since tires can be quite expensive, and an alignment often costs around a hundred dollars, it is a very cost-effective procedure that should be part of the regular vehicle maintenance.

An alignment ensures that your vehicle drives straight and handles properly, providing a safer drive. Better gas mileage is an added perk to keeping your vehicle aligned.

At Jack?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s Tire and Oil, we proudly service the alignment needs of our customers. If your vehicle shows any of the above-mentioned signs, or if you can?›ƒ?ªƒ?›t remember the last time it was aligned, contact us or drop by for an alignment diagnosis today. At Jack?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s, our honest and reliable auto mechanics will take care of your and your vehicle.


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