FNB’s Online Banking: Cutting Edge or Confusing?

Online banking has come a long way from the days when if you didn????????t hurry when making online payments on many banks???????? websites, the screen would time-out and, unbeknownst to you, the payments…didn????????t…actually…go…through–but you thought they did.

That was several years ago, of course, and most banks have vastly improved the online payment process.

At First National Bank, the online payment process is intuitive and quick, so it????????s a joy to pay those bills. Well, almost. Aside from the fact that you????????re paying bills, of course. Well, you have to pay them anyway, so you might as well have a little fun and pay them online. You probably won????????t need any help but, if you do, the staff at the local branches in Layton is helpful and friendly. FNB has been in business for 107 years–that alone tells you they????????re doing something right.

FNB????????s new e-statements are really handy, too–and they????????re free. You can easily look at monthly statements saved as .pdf files as far back as 18 months–and they look just like the paper statements with the same previous balance, etc., so you????????ll recognize them and understand them right away. You can save them to your computer and/or print them.

Online banking is getting better and better. At FNB, it????????s a pleasure to use.


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