Flyovers, awards highlight NMSU ROTC’s 115th annual Pass-In-Review

New Mexico State University Air Force and Army ROTC will hold the 115th annual Pass-in-Review ceremony at 4 p.m. Thursday, April 13, at the Aggie Pride Field on the NMSU Horseshoe.

The annual Pass-In-Review is presented by the Air Force and Army ROTC programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. It is a formal military ceremony that displays the strength and unity of a detachment as well as promoting teamwork and pride within an organization.

With weather permitting, flyovers of two vintage World War II aircraft will take place at 4:10 p.m. by War Eagles Air Museum pilots Floyd Draper and Dan Taylor. The Consolidated Vultee BT-13 B was the basic trainer flown by most American pilots in World War II while the North American T-6 Texan (also known as the AT-6F) was used as a trainer for pilots from World War II through the Vietnam War.

The Pass-In-Review is based off of the active duty military’s inspection processes. “It’s our one time each year to formally present the Air Force ROTC and the Army ROTC to the chancellor for review,” said Lt. Col. Jeremiah Klomp, NMSU Air Force ROTC commander and professor of aerospace studies. “ Chancellor Garrey Carruthers will give some remarks, and then ‘inspect’ the troops by walking around the formations.”

After the parade, NMSU ROTC cadets will have an awards ceremony in Hardman-Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center.

“The event is really all about the cadets,” said Klomp. “It is their opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned over the past one, two, three or four years, depending on how long they have been with the program.”

The annual Pass-In-Review is planned by the cadets and approved by the leadership. Students play a vital role in all aspects of the event, including hosting the Mayfield High School Junior ROTC to be a part of the day.

Ceremonies are free and open to the public. Visitor parking passes are available from the NMSU parking website
at http://auxadminforms.nmsu.edu/ParkingForms/ePermit.aspx.
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