Flushing occurring in north Fort Worth as a preventative measure

Water crews will be flushing hydrants in parts of north Fort Worth due to lower-than-normal levels of disinfectant in the area’s water distribution system.

Flushing – where crews open fire hydrants – gets older water out of the the affected parts of the system, and replaces it with new water that has higher levels of disinfectant. This process is considered an industry best practice to maintain water quality.

While the disinfectant levels in this area are lower than normal, the water quality continues to meet all state and federal standards. Additionally, tablets are being used at the flushing sites to remove chlorine from the water, which protects aquatic life in nearby streams.

The situation was caused by very low water use in the area, combined with a chemical feed problem at the Eagle Mountain Water Plant last week. Low water use increases the water’s age, which can lead to lower disinfectant levels.

Contact the Water Department or call the Customer Service Center at 817-392-4477 with further questions or concerns.

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