Flooding in Providence

From the perspective of a Providence citizen, the flooding has subsided a little bit. However, there are some caveats to this. Earlier in the day on the south bench of Providence there were at least five homes that were flooded by the heavy rain throughout the day and many others that were threatened.

There were two new creeks that were created by the consistent rain throughout the day and one waterfall cascading over 400 East in Providence where there was never a fall before. It appeared that the water was working its way down from the highest points in Providence.
It appears that the biggest factor in the flooding, at least, in this area, is the frozen ground. There was just no place for the water to go. Normally, the water would soak into the ground. However, with the ground being frozen, the top layer of ground was a muddy mess with a high amount of water for the little dirt that was available. It was almost like having a full bucket of water and throwing in a couple of handfuls of dirt to make a really thin mud.

With the rain continuing throughout the night, there is certain to be more surprises in the morning when it comes to excess water on the ground.

Other areas that were hit hard by the flooding are River Heights, Wellsville and Hyrum. I haven????????t heard anything from Millville or Nibley. However, they are two towns that could have significant flooding.
The forecast for the next five days has Cache Valley getting storms through Monday. The temperatures will be high enough that there is a high probability that the valley will receive rain and not snow.


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