Flight Simulator Market 2025 In-Depth Analysis by Growing Demands, Applications and Driving Trends

9th October, 2018 – Flight Simulator Market is expected to grow at a significant pace owing to growing demand for aircraft. The increasing importance of aircraft safety and the need for substantial flight training and simulation is estimated to stimulate the industry growth. With increasing complexity of both military and civil aircraft due to advancement in avionics, flight-crew training is required. Thus, resulting in fueling the growth of flight simulator market.

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The research and development efforts in aerospace technology and an increase in the rate of air transportation are anticipated to drive the growth of this industry. The improved aerospace management and better evaluation of pilots are the factors projected to boost the market growth. Furthermore, the advantages associated with the flight simulation include an ability to save fuel costs, ensuring aircraft safety and high efficiency of simulation technology are presumed to have a positive impact on the growth of this industry.


The key emerging trend of fleet modernization plans by airlines and continuous shift from conventional to simulation based training are projected to propel the growth of this sector. The development of simulators for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) is expected to act as an opportunity for market growth.


Flight simulator on the basis of application is classified into commercial and military sectors. Military sector is expected to witness significant growth over the decade owing to the increasing terrorist activity and high government expenditures.


Geographically, the key regions identified in this industry are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East and Africa. North America is estimated to dominate the market followed by Europe owing to the presence of a large number of key players in this region. The stringent government regulations favoring the market is also anticipated to propel the market growth.


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