Flagstaff Mayor and City Council members meet with Havasupai leadership

, Flagstaff, Ariz – Flagstaff’s Mayor Coral Evans and members of the City Council met with Havasupai Nation leadership in Supai, AZ on Dec. 4, 2017.

The Mayor and Council members Odegaard, McCarthy, Putzova, Barotz and Whelan traveled to Supai, Ariz, to meet with Havasupai Tribal leadership. At this meeting, the group discussed issues of mutual importance such as uranium mining and transportation, the proposed Veterans Home and the Indigenous Community Forums held in Flagstaff.

“Working together we can achieve so much for more northern Arizona than working in isolation” said Mayor Evans. “We hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship based on communication and cooperation.”

This visit supported the City Council’s goal of strengthening partnerships and advancing mutual goals between the City of Flagstaff and Native Nations. Key Tribal Priorities of the City Council for this year include:

  • Improve overall communications and engagement with Native Nations as we work in partnership on shared issues and concerns.
  • Facilitation of annual meetings with tribal nations and collaborate on agenda development.

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