Five things to see at the USU campus

There are five things you need to see when visiting Utah State University?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s historical campus. Although the school was founded with only 22 agricultural students, the school has expanded to teach nearly 22,000.
The first and most prominent point of interest is the Old Main building at the top of the hill. Originally built in 1889, the building was used to house and teach agricultural students, or, as they soon became known, the aggies. Though the building has been renovated throughout the years to accommodate the growing campus, the original structure and bell remain.
A cement ?›ƒ?ª?A?›ƒ?ª? is located directly outside of Old Main that has become part of a tradition where students kiss on top of the ?›ƒ?ª?A?›ƒ?ª? and are deemed true Aggies. The cement ?›ƒ?ª?A?›ƒ?ª? is not the only ?›ƒ?ª?A?›ƒ?ª? to keep your eye out for. A neon ?›ƒ?ª?A?›ƒ?ª? on top of Old Main is always lit up for game days and glows blue when the school wins. This ?›ƒ?ª?A?›ƒ?ª? can be seen throughout the entire valley.
Old Main is also home to The USU Museum of Anthropology. The museum was founded by Dr. Gordon Keller, USU?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s first professor of anthropology, in 1963 and had only a few objects from the Great Basin and the southwest. Now, the museum is home to 20 exhibits which include anything from the Ice Age to The Big Squeeze: ?›ƒ?ª?Space?›ƒ?ª? as a Culture Construct.
Though filled with rich history, Old Main is not the only stop you should make when touring USU?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s campus. After being hunted for nine years, Frank Clark of Cache Valley finally killed the largest and last grizzly bear in Utah on August 22, 1923. The skull of the bear now remains in USU?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s special collections library in the basement of the Merrill-Cazier Library after being displayed at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. The skull can be viewed during library hours.
Another point of interest is the bronze bull statue located on the northwest corner of the spectrum parking lot. The statue stands as a symbol of the agrarian side of Utah State University and is the mascot for the Aggies.
Finally, the last and most important stop you should make is at Aggie Ice Cream. Touring Aggie Ice Cream is essential for an Aggie experience. Tours are only $3 a person and include a single scoop of your choice of ice cream, but Aggie blue mint is highly recommended for a unique experience.
These five stops are not the only sights to see. Underground tunnels and historical buildings are easy to find on the USU campus and is definitely worth the time during your stay in Cache Valley.


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