Five Steps to Keep Your Vehicle Air Conditioning Running Flawlessly

Five Steps to Keep Your Vehicle Air Conditioning Running Flawlessly

By Shannon Birman, Logan, UT (Area-Info.net)

Imagine this scenario for a few seconds. It’s hot outside. One of the hottest days of the Summer.  You run to your car and as you start it you immediately reach for the air.  Full blast would be the temperature of choice but as you press the dial, nothing blasts. No full blast, semi blast or any blast.  Your air is dead.  In the ground dead and your ride to anywhere might end up miserable.  

Thinking back, you remember that your mechanic told you that you should have your air checked each year to keep it running perfectly but routine checkups are not something you think about ever.  Now you are paying the price and it’s a hefty one. “ As the heart of the A/C system, the compressor is costly to fix. Repairs start around $500” but can run even higher.  If this sounds like a nightmare scenario and you don’t want to make any mistake that even resembles this situation, then following these five steps from Intermountain Cooling in Logan, Utah will have your air conditioning purring like a kitten all Summer long.

Get the Vehicle Checked

Your car is not eternal. It needs some maintenance and it should be done every two years to make sure all air conditioning components are working to optimal performance.  This check should be done by a certified mechanic such as the mechanics at Intermountain Cooling who know the ins and outs of  a vehicle, and have the proper tools and machines to make sure each part of the air conditioning system is working properly.  

Replace the Air Filter

If the filter of a home air conditioner needs replacing periodically through the year then it would make sense that so does the vehicle air conditioner.  Richard Ballard at Intermountain Cooling states that a vehicle cabin air filter should be changed once a year to make sure that airflow is at an optimum.

What are Air Dams and are They in Place?

It is safe to say that most vehicle drivers are unaware that under the vehicle a system of air dams control the airflow to the radiator of a vehicle which, according to FreeASEStudyguides.com,  “are responsible for between 10 to 30% of the system’s performance. Air shrouds and dams create low pressure behind the radiator and high pressure in front, drawing cool air through the condenser and radiator fins. A missing fan shroud could reduce cooling by a massive 50%.”  A certified mechanic can check air dams for proper alignment and replace any missing parts so that air function doesn’t struggle do to overheating.

Don’t Change the Air Coolant Yourself

It’s tempting to save money and try to replace the air coolant in a vehicle yourself.  Richard Ballard at Intermountain Cooling emphatically disagrees with the easy option of do it yourself air coolant replacement.  According to Ballard, the gauges on store-bought coolant can not tell how much coolant is in the vehicle nor how much needs to be replaced.  Only a professional mechanic can make sure coolant reaches proper replacement levels.

Clean your Air Conditioner Components

Just like other parts of the engine in a vehicle need cleaning periodically, the radiator fans and condenser need proper cleaning by a professional mechanic.  By doing so, the vehicle parts will function at  optimum level and allow the vehicle air conditioning to run at its highest level.

So if you want to keep your vehicle air flowing smoothly and flawlessly, make sure you visit a professional like Intermountain Cooling at www.intermountaincooling.com or at their physical location at 46 W. 900 N. in Logan Utah or you can reach them at (435) 752-6614.  They are your local expert when it comes to any cooling system or general auto repair and maintenance services.




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