Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fundraiser

With so many opportunities out there for fundraising projects, you should be asking a number of questions to see which fundraising opportunity is right for your group. I have compiled a list of questions that will help guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best fundraiser for your group.

1 – How much do I make on each fundraiser?

I believe this is the first question anyone asks when they are getting ready to do a fundraiser. What does our group earn from every sale? This gives the group a basis to determine how much of the fundraising product needs to be sold in order to achieve your group financial goals.  With this number you can do simple math to figure out how many each person needs to sell within the group to reach the group goal.

2 – What will my group be able to sell to our supporters?

Is you group made up of kids? Adults? Teenagers? Community? Some groups are comfortable selling certain types of products to people. Perhaps, cookie dough is the product of choice. Maybe discount cards are the right product for your group. Today, fundraising products range from oranges to discount cards, and everything in between.

3 – What will people in my community buy to support our group?

With such a large variety of products available for fundraisers, your group can choose items that have great value to the community members who support your group while helping you reach your  fundraising goals.

4 – How much “out of pocket” for the fundraising group?

Not every group is able to place a down payment for products. There are some fundraising opportunities available to groups that do not require any upfront costs. However, in many cases, the group may have to place a down payment on product in order to sell products for fundraising.

5 – How long is the wait until you can deliver the product?

How often have you paid for a discount card, cookie dough, or anything else and then had to wait for 4-6 weeks until it is delivered? There is an increasing number of fundraising products available that can be delivered immediately to your supporters.

BONUS QUESTION – Is it important for your group to develop a recurring income to help with the next year’s financial goals?

In the world of fundraising, groups start from zero each year when fundraising. There are a few fundraising products coming to market now that have systems in place to allow for a recurring fundraising income to help groups raise money from year to year.

If you are new to fundraising, put these questions on your checklist. If you are an old pro in the fundraising world, it may be a good time to review these questions and update the answers for your group.

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