First responders need our eyes and ears to help prevent an act of terrorism

Living in one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. has its pros and cons. In Fort Worth, there’s a feeling of togetherness — you probably know most of the people living on your block, your kids share classes at school and play team sports together on the weekends, plus there is a large variety of events and venues to enjoy on your days off. You have friends at work, church and social events. Life is pretty good here.

According to the U.S. Census, Fort Worth-Dallas is the sixth largest urbanized area in the U.S. Fort Worth has a thriving business environment, it is home to many corporations and manufacturing facilities, sporting events that pull in thousands of fans, a large military base, aircraft production and the 11th busiest airport in the world. It’s also a major transportation hub with trains, trucks and airplanes moving materials through the city. We also generate some of our electric power from a nuclear power plant 35 miles away.

Our world is ever-changing, and life may not be as easy-going as it used to be. All you need to do is read, watch or listen to the news and you’ll hear about the latest violence happening somewhere in the world.

Almost everything that makes Fort Worth great and prosperous could also make it a target of domestic or foreign terrorists. It is up its residents to help keep Fort Worth a safe community. If you See Something Say Something:

  • If you see something out of the ordinary, or there is suspicious activity in your neighborhood, report it.
  • If you hear a disgruntled employee making threats at work, report it.
  • If your children talk to you about a acquaintance making statements about killing themselves or others, report it.
  • If you encounter social media conversations in which someone is acting out of character and threatening to retaliate for some wrongdoing, report it.
  • If you are at a public event and you find an abandoned backpack placed close to a large gathering, don’t pick it up. Report it.
  • If you get a feeling in your stomach that something just isn’t right, don’t try to explain it away. Report it.

Report suspicious behavior to the Fort Worth Police Homeland Security Unit hotline at 817-392-6677.

Sometimes, there is no warning of what may be coming, but at other times clues are left in inconspicuous places that can help stop a violent act before it happens. Someone might brag about planning a violent action, a fellow employee might have a sudden interest in acquiring weapons or is conducting web searches to learn about hate groups, or someone might go to the hardware store to buy all of the components to build a bomb.

Local, state and federal authorities are doing their best to stop terrorist actions, but they cannot know everything that is going on. Residents are their biggest resource. First responders need your eyes, ears and help in giving advance warning of potential acts of violence in neighborhoods and workplaces. We need to act as one community to combat the possibility of a mass shooting, bombing or other act of terrorism in our hometown.


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