Fireworks Safety This July

Fireman fighting blaze in Lehi Utah
Photo courtesy of KSL.com

The folks over at Alpine Cleaning and Restoration want to remind everyone about the importance of fireworks safety.  As a company that specializes in fire damage restoration, they’ve seen several cases of people mishandling fireworks and accidentally starting fires. In one serious event, fireworks caused a 500-acre fire that forced two major cities to evacuate. Fireworks safety cannot be stressed enough as we celebrate independence day.

Know How To Dispose of Fireworks

One of the biggest causes of fires from fireworks is people not knowing how to properly dispose of them. Some people throw them into the dumpster or garbage can after they’ve gone off, thinking the danger is over. The truth is that fireworks continue to be hot for some time after they stop going off. Simply tossing them into the dumpster is liable to cause a dumpster fire.

Even if they don’t go off, there’s still a risk. Sometimes, faults in the manufacturing of fireworks can cause a delay in them going off. The delay can be several minutes long, maybe longer than that. If you light a firework and it doesn’t go off, don’t throw it in the garbage and think everything’s fine.

Soak It!

soaking fireworks before disposalBefore you throw out used fireworks, be sure that you soak them for several minutes in a bucket of water. This makes sure that the explosives have cooled off and there’s no chance of them going off again, or starting a fire. If you light a firework and it doesn’t go off, grab a hose and spray it down before you try to pick it up. That will make sure that it’s not going to go off unexpectedly.

Once you’ve soaked it, you’re safe to dispose of it as normal.

Extra Precautions

Remember that the chemicals and metals in fireworks can be toxic. You should never soak them in any natural body of water, or you may poison the water supply. This is a crime as well as a danger to everyone who lives near the water source.

Each state and city has different laws regarding the proper use of fireworks. Some limit the times you can set them off (usually to July only). Others may put limits on where they can be set off, or what kind of fireworks can be used. In Cache Valley, where Alpine Cleaning and Restoration is from, for example, fireworks can’t be set off within a certain distance from mountains or farmland, nor can certain kinds of fireworks be used without a license.

Be Safe!

fireworks celebrationBefore you start your celebration, make sure you know the laws that apply to your city and state. Your city’s website should provide you with information you need, and if you can’t find it there, check with the local fire department.

When preparing for celebrations, make sure you have a bucket of water to soak your used fireworks in before you start. The firework needs to be completely submerged in water before it can properly soak, so make sure the bucket’s the right size.

Remember, fire safety is everyone’s business. If you follow some general fireworks safety guidelines as well as keep to the advice of your local fire department, you should be fine. Otherwise, have a very safe July and enjoy your celebrations!