Glendale, Ariz. –– Monday morning at 9:53am the call came in for a drowning. The crew of L157A shift sprang into action. When they arrived, they found a 21-month-old male limp, blue and barely breathing. They immediately started treating the baby, they drained his lungs and began assisting his respirations and warming him. As soon as the ambulance arrived they quickly moved to treating him in the ambulance. They rapidly transported to the baby to the hospital for further interventions.

Due to the quick action of the crew the baby was already improving when they arrived at the hospital. If they had not arrived when they did the baby may not have survived. Captain Jason Pool said, “We were just doing our job.” But it was more than that. They used the extensive drowning training that the Glendale Fire Department’s EMS division has given them and put it into action. They did everything right and thanks to them the baby is being released from the hospital just two short days after what could have been the most horrific day of his family’s’ life.


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