It seems that everyone is talking about Social Security wherever you go. It????????s certainly a popular topic, but how can you find the facts about Social Security????????s programs and benefits that you need?

The best place to begin your education about Social Security is at our website at www.socialsecurity.gov. You can even tailor your learning sessions by format. You can visit our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section, read an online publication, view a webinar, sign up for updates or just browse our webpages.

Let????????s start learning by clicking on the FAQs tab at the very top of the homepage of the website. These questions are valuable because they show what the public has been asking about Social Security. If you have a general question, you can bet that someone has asked the same question before you. The Help Topics are on the left side. Click on a topic and browse the questions and answers. On the right side, you can directly access the Most Popular FAQs.

Did you know that all of Social Security????????s publications are available online? Return to the homepage, look under Items of Interest and click on Publications. You can access publications topically by using the Topics tab. Are you looking for general retirement information? Retirement Benefits will give you a basic overview.

Maybe you????????d like to listen to someone explain the information instead. You can view pre-recorded webinars at www.socialsecurity.gov/socialmedia/webinars/. You can choose a webinar that will tell you how to get a benefit verification letter online or how Social Security can help you plan for retirement as well as other topics. Just sit back and listen to a discussion on the topic of your choice.

If you want to find out when changes occur, you can even receive updates. On the homepage under Items of Interest, just click on Social Security Update. The page displays the most recent updates. At the bottom of the page, you can sign up to receive email or text updates about Social Security news. This is an easy way to stay informed about Social Security.

And the easiest way to learn about Social Security is by reading the pages on our website. The tabs at the top of the homepage at www.socialsecurity.gov (Home, Numbers & Cards, Benefits, Information for???????, Business & Government, and Our Agency) will help you navigate to the topics you want to research. Are you trying to find out what documents you need to show to obtain a replacement Social Security card? Choose Numbers & Cards, read our advice about when you need to replace your card and use our decision tree to find out what kind of documents you????????ll need to show.

No matter what topic you are researching, you always want to know the facts. When the topic is Social Security, finding the facts is as easy as exploring our website at www.socialsecurity.gov by
using our FAQs, online publications, webinars, updates and webpages. So, visit today and learn a new Social Security fact.


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