Finding the Best Chiropractor in Bountiful

Many years ago, a chiropractor told me that I would get much better results if I combined chiropractic care with massage to treat my scoliosis (curvature of the spine), so that my muscles wouldn????????t pull my spine back to its previous position after a chiropractic session. He was an excellent chiropractor but I thought ??????yeah, right, whatever??????…and didn????????t do it.

More recently, my daughter talked me into going to a massage therapist–and the results were nothing short of miraculous. For the first time since I was in high school, I could sleep pain-free without pillows under my knees. I realized that if I had combined chiropractic care with massage all those years ago, I would likely have had far better results and mobility and lived a better, healthier, more active lifestyle as a result. Ah, there????????s nothing quite like hindsight!

Fast forward to today, when I interviewed Cory M. Frogley, DC, CCEP at Integrated Wellness in Bountiful, Utah, in my quest for the best chiropractor in Bountiful. Dr. Frogley was referred to me by reputation; still, I was impressed by his wealth of knowledge and his passion for excellent, individualized care.

Frogley, affectionately called ??????Dr. Cory?????? by staff and patients, has a penchant for excellence: the best of the best. He personally interviewed and pre-screened hundreds of chiropractors throughout Utah and united the best in a network called 1-888-TryMyChiro. He used that standard to hire the very best chiropractors, massage therapists and rehabilitation specialists to round out his practice in Bountiful.

Following that same philosophy, he searched out the very best pieces of the best care systems in existence and, well…integrated them. While Integrated Wellness offers treatment for chronic spine problems, auto accidents, sports injuries, pain management and weight loss, Frogley himself specializes in scoliosis correction which, as you might imagine, piqued my interest. He is trained in the Pettibon (TM) body weighting system and uses the SpineCor dynamic brace to treat scoliosis but is quick to explain that the cookie-cutter approach to care doesn????????t work.

Accordingly, to ensure optimum results, each patient undergoes very thorough assessment and testing before treatment. ??????Testing is so important??????, says Frogley. ??????There are different classifications of scoliosis. Some spines require one piece of a care system, some another–and some require a combination.??????

Depending on their needs, patients might get help with hydration and nutrition, muscle spasms and tightening, exercises that warm up deep spinal muscles and soft tissue, chiropractic care, massage, the Pettibon weighting system and exercise to strengthen the core muscle to create a long-lasting treatment.

Frogley????????s own mother suffered from severe scoliosis and, throughout the interview, it????????s clear that he really cares about bettering his patients???????? lives. His staff seems to really like and admire him, too, which speaks volumes.

More than anything, Frogley emphasizes the importance of rehabilitation: ??????stretching and strengthening?????? the core to reinforce rebounds in the muscles for long-term improvement–and that????????s just what Integrated Wellness is set up to accomplish. While not all insurance companies recognize the value of chiropractic, massage and/or rehabilitation care, most do–so most patients???????? care is covered by insurance.

The bottom line? You????????d be hard-pressed to find a better chiropractor in Bountiful, Utah, especially if you suffer from scoliosis. This guy knows his stuff.


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