Financial Storm Cloud Rising

Storm Clouds Rising (Must Review)****


The fantastic thing is that people through modern technology are coming to the awareness of what is taking place. We are headed swiftly into a very bad situation. Burnanke and Geithner may have thought they could pump the markets up with their phoney money, but enough information has hit the Internet through very VIABLE sources that establishes to the common man what has been taking place. Well of course, it establishes it to the women as well.

What we need, are to expose these truths, to everyone that is concerned about what is going on. These people in power right now have really screwed the world up. “Population control” has always been an issue during my life. War, is usually the result to attempt to bring the population numbers of the world, down. That’s primarily because we elect a bunch of bozos that are willing to be controlled by banksters on Wall Street and put them into office. Hell, anyone that graduated from junior high school should know that by now. Particularly with events that are transpiring between Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and China along with North Korea and Syria. Just open your eyes. It’s going to happen. The first country with a bank holiday to prevent people from getting their cash out and rising up in the streets, will more than likely be the UK.

Because the focus of our leaders in the United States is on their own political positions, it gives the rest of the world time to figure out how to put the nonsense that is taking place underground, forever. I would not doubt that we will see nuclear bombs, above ground, and exploded, in the very near future. There will be food shortages so as has been said on this thread for several years, gather canned foods and dried foods. Eat lightly to keep your bodyweight under control. Exercise, at least three times a week. Don’t push yourselves to extremes when exercising. And don’t believe for one moment that the world is coming to an end. It’s not. It appears, however, that humankind (rather than using logic) is going to destroy itself to a degree that will satisfy the oligarchs. The kleptocracy in place, is only getting worse.

Some reporters are worth listening to. . .and in my opinion, they are all in the “alternative” media. I’ve made several attempts to listen to the mass media but they are driven by the very people that placed them into office from Wall Street and the Corporate fraudsters. Once communities learn to initiate their own banking systems and remove the Federal Reserve Bank from the equation, peace will begin to happen within each community of the United States. They will also have to value their currencies with a gold or silver standard. Utah’s Senator, Orrin Hatch has already made it possible for payments to be made on taxes in gold and/or silver. This type of move will strenghen Utah’s financial position and decrease the risk of failure on municipal bonds.

I have heard reports that as many as 46 states within our continent are officially bankrupt. Another number is 36, it depends who you listen to. Municipalities are all going down. Pick your poison, is all I have say. The United States is bankrupt. Depending on how old you are, this situation is going to have a profound effect on your children. Believe me when I say, nobody is going to go unscathed with events that have taken place over the past two administrations in office. The evidence is all posted here on this thread:


Financial systems around the world, are collapsing. By now everyone should know about Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. They should also know about the UK. When these things fail overseas, it will have a profound effect on the banking system of America. Primarily because what our bozos in the Treasury Department did along with the Federal Reserve, were sell “derivitives” and “debt” of the United States, to overseas countries. When the foreign countries who purchased these items go belly up, our debt is not covered. If Burnanke thinks for one moment that he can go out and print more money to cover this disaster, he is sickly wrong. As far as Geithner goes, he should just resign.

The people in office right now are living in a pipe dream. That’s why they are refusing to relinquish their positions. Unemployment numbers are continuing to rise (despite reports from the White House that state differently) which decreases the amount of tax money to pay for debt. That’s why when you watch the debt clock @http://www.usdebtclock.org/ you can get a good picture of how “out of control” things really are at the present moment in time.

In the next article we will focus exclusively on the economy. Until then ~

Peace be with you always, and in all ways. . .

Mark A. Mayr
Certified Investor Relations Representative
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State, UC Irvine and AZ State Universities (Presently in pursuit of his PhD in Economics and Business)


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