Fatal Secrets

If you like Harlequin Romances and the Lifetime Network, then you might like Fatal Secrets. The plot of the movie is that a lady is violated and she sets out to find a way to exact revenge on the man who perpetrated the act.

As the show progresses, she finds that the man did not exist before three years ago. Snooping through his home with her enlisted friend, she finds information that leads her to Fort Worth, Texas, a church where money had been stolen and another girl who had been violated with a subsequent suicide.

After discovering that the Priest at the church in Fort Worth is the father of this person, she decides that the only help she will get is from her two friends. As it turns out, the plan they hatch requires that they keep a fatal secret.

The actors in Fatal Secrets have some experience. They include Ed Begley, Jr., Lea Thompson and Dina Meyer and Vincent Spano.

Personally, I wouldn????????t set out to see this movie for a few reasons. One is that I don????????t watch Lifetime Network movies (they just don????????t appeal to me.) And, two, the plot and acting were very weak. I thought that it might have a little more action involved, but no. I also would have liked to see the narration and the dialogue more compelling, but to no avail. The movie was just flat and uninteresting.


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