Fantastec Joins Forces with Arsenal FC Launching Official Blockchain Collectibles App

Sports-technology firm first to deliver officially-licensed
blockchain based football collectibles to fans worldwide

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/StickOrSwap?src=hash” target=”_blank”gt;#StickOrSwaplt;/agt;–Fantastec announced today its first football licensing agreement with
Premier League club Arsenal FC for a new blockchain authenticated
collectibles app called Fantastec SWAP.

London-based Fantastec is a leading sports fan technology innovator, and
its blockchain based ‘SWAP’ app will have broad appeal to global sports
fans, gamers and sports card collectors alike.

Fantastec SWAP unlocks unique and authentic club content through the
app, like player autographs and exclusive footage. With its innovative
blockchain technology, fans around the world can now discover, collect
and swap officially licensed club collectibles with other fans with
complete trust.

“Fantastec SWAP is a game-changer for international football fans as
well the sports collectibles industry,” commented Simon Woollard Product
Partner at Fantastec. “The majority of sports fans are now mobile-first
and geographically distanced from their favourite teams. Fantastec has
developed a new approach for fans to engage in more valuable
relationships with the teams and players they love, rewarding their
activity in the app, and empowering them to own a genuine share of a
club’s history – timestamped and safely protected on the blockchain.”
Woollard added, “We are fortunate to be working with such a
forward-thinking club like Arsenal who recognise the value in better
connecting with their global fans, while also providing a safe platform
for global fans to connect and engage with each other.”

Peter Silverstone, Arsenal’s Commercial Director, said: “As football
fans, many of us remember collecting and swapping player cards with
friends. This initiative with Fantastec SWAP brings that concept into
today’s digital world and gives our fans access to unique Arsenal
collectibles and content wherever they are in the world.”

Fantastec SWAP encourages fans to build their squad collections by
purchasing in-app team packs, and by swapping with other fans all over
the world. Completed collections earn rewards from the teams and allow
fans to move toward more difficult levels of collecting with rarer
collectibles and increased rewards. The unique blockchain platform
offers social network like features enabling fans to connect and swap
their collectibles with the same confidence and trust they would have if
they were interacting physically. This is especially vital when swapping
rare player autographs.

“We built Fantastec SWAP with a robust blockchain ecosystem at its core,
with the exacting infrastructure and security standards used by the Bank
of England. Blockchain uses mathematics and encryption to make sure all
trades are fair and true, so people all over the world can exchange
valuable things online with confidence,” Woollard stated. “We are
excited to have Arsenal as the first club to launch with Fantastec SWAP.
They will be in good company soon with many more top-tier global
football clubs set to follow.”

Fantastec SWAP is available on the App Store and Google Play around the
world now. For further information visit www.fantastec-swap.io


About Fantastec

Fantastec’s “fan-first” perspective connects international fans with the
sports that drive their daily lives. A unique blend of scientists,
engineers, data analysts, designers, researchers, sports marketing
creatives and communication professionals, Fantastec is inventing the
future of international fan engagement.


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