Fan Art Sweeping The Nation. Marvel Comics & The Avengers

Fan Art Sweeping The Nation.

That's whats happening folks! Ever since Marvel Comics has begun their Cinematic Crusade to conquer Movie Theaters everywhere.

Many Artists are catching the wave and painting/creating what has become a VERY Marketable product. Well Known Artists and up-and-coming Artists are all getting into the groove.

Marvel's Comic Book Characters from the Avengers Films such as Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and a few of the others seem to be the most popular and widespread subjects of current Fan-Art, While Marvel's X-men have always been popular.

While there is some discussion of the legalities of the production and sale of Fan-Art it is generally never enforced as according to Alexander Douglass – "it’s pretty clear that no creative entity in their right mind gives a Damn. It is virtually never enforced due to it generally being a positive reflection on the original work, as it is a common expression of adoration or attachment within a fanbase. It would also be extremely difficult if not impossible to do, and a tremendous waste of time, money, and legal resources."

Here are just a few links and pics of Fan-Art on the market today.
CLICK HERE to View Original Paintings and Prints from Sean Nathan Ricks.
Most Artists venturing into the Fan-Art Arena offer not only original paintings, but also limited edition, hand-signed and numbered prints.

Whatever the reason for Fan-Arts increasing popularity it is (For the fans at least) a very enjoyable use of our Modern Artists Talents.


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