Fairies Can Be Down to Earth

Each of the giggling little girls selected a ceramic fairy and carefully placed it in her own special fairy garden, featuring beautiful fairyland plants and graced with a lovely butterfly. The best part? Aside from a bit of supervision from a parent or other adult, every unique little fairy garden was designed and built from scratch by the girl herself.

Of course, the fairy gardens were finished off with iridescent stones and a generous portion of fairy dust. The fairy dust was the most important ingredient, you see, to attract real fairies (who are reportedly very shy) to live in the gardens. And believe me, real fairies would certainly feel at home there!

The Fairy Garden class is the brainchild of Linda Brewer at Tri City Nursery, who teaches the class with a charming combination of knowledge and whimsy. She helps each of the girls fill a 12″ diameter dish with soil and gravel and choose plants from a special selection of annuals and ground cover.

Linda patiently teaches the class how to dig, plant and water, and even how to trim some of the annuals to look like fairy trees. The plants have been carefully preselected for just the right look for fairyland, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Giving each girl in the class a magical experience requires more than meets the eye. From selecting and preparing plants with just the right look for fairyland to printing up the pamphlets on fairy lore, the help and support of the managers and owners at Tri City is essential. Sue Lawson, Gail Steenblik, Don Westover and owners Mark Lawson, Brent Dayton and Kirk Barclay all play an important role in making the class a success.

For a mere $12, making a fairy garden at Tri City Nursery might just be the most affordable, fun activity around for fairy fans this summer. Every girl I saw walked out of the greenhouse with a spectacular fairy garden–and a very big smile!


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