Expanded Eligibility Requirements Announced for Fighting Chance Fund

ST. PETERSBURG, FL  – Expanded eligibility requirements have been announced for the City’s Fighting Chance Fund.

About Fighting Chance Fund
To provide relief to small businesses impacted by local COVID-19 orders, the City of St. Petersburg has committed $6.8 million to the Fighting Chance Fund – emergency grant for St. Pete’s negatively impacted locally owned and independently operated small businesses.

Who’s Eligible?
Please review the eligibility requirements online carefully, as they have been updated. For the full eligibility criteria, visit stpete.org/fightingchancefund.

Below are notable changes/additions to the eligibility criteria for businesses and individuals.

The following are ADDITIONS to the Fighting Chance Fund eligibility criteria:
• Businesses that have been operating for at least six months are now eligible to apply
• Added eligible industries include travel agencies and tour operators
• Individual businesses that operate within a co-working space and individual business owners leasing space from another business are now eligible to apply

The following requirement has been REMOVED from the Fighting Chance Fund eligibility criteria:
• Businesses must be at least 50% locally owned by residents of St. Petersburg to be eligible.

At this time, independent contractors or home-based businesses remain ineligible for this program.

Donate to the Fighting Chance Fund
To help as many eligible businesses and employees as possible, the City has partnered with Pinellas Community Foundation to collect donations from community organizations. Interested in donating to support the Fighting Chance Fund? Visit stpete.org/fightingchancefund.