Excessive Heat Concerns For The Homeless

Three People Found Dead In Last Three Days

The city of Las Vegas, along with its community partners and homeless service providers, is stepping up outreach efforts to encourage homeless people to go to area cooling stations and daytime shelters. In the past three days, three people, all apparently living on the street, were found dead. Although the exact causes of death are not known as yet, the high heat recently is suspected as a contributing factor. Excessive heat warnings are in the forecast for the Las Vegas area over the next several days.

The victims were found near the I-15 corridor just west of the downtown in Ward 5. The councilman who represents this area, Cedric Crear, has expressed sadness and concern over the situation. “It is heartbreaking that these deaths are occurring,” Crear said. “This is a community-wide problem impacting all of us in some way, whether we are homeless, business owners or taxpayers.”

The city plans to open fully the Homeless Resource Center, also known as the Courtyard, near Las Vegas Boulevard and Foremaster Ln. by the end of July. In the meantime, the homeless are encouraged to use this facility to escape the heat and to store their possessions. The Courtyard is a location that will allow homeless people to find shelter and resources regardless of their state of sobriety or intoxication. The plan, modeled after successful efforts in San Antonio and Phoenix, is to give the homeless a place to go besides living on the street, and to provide them the services needed to break the cycle of homelessness.


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