Everyone Needs To Taste Decadence Once In A While

It had been awhile since I had stopped in to Sweetly Divine and as I was driving by, I thought what better time than now to stop in and say hello to Marc. So, after careening through traffic to get to the turning lane (not really, just sounded adventurous), I pulled into a parking space in front of the store. You know you can????????t ever park too far away.

It is always a nice surprise to the eyes when you walk into Sweetly Divine because the displays are full of colorful and perfect pastries choices. There are other places in Logan where you can find incredible tasting pastries, but none of them quite match up to the color and variety of these pieces of pastry artwork.

Usually, I just get a chocolate chip cookie so that I can pace myself. However, I decided to try something a little different. There were chocolate ????clairs, berry tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, cr????me brulee, St. Honore and lemon tarts to choose from. And, yes I did need to choose. I am still trying not to add to the love handles!

After checking out how they looked, I chose a chocolate tart. Other than it was covered with chocolate and a few chopped nuts around the edge, I wasn????????t sure what I was getting. But, life is an adventure, right?

When I bit into the tart, I found that it was a creamy chocolate mousse under the thin dark chocolate covering. However, my biggest surprise was when I took another bite and realized that there was a spoonful of caramel hidden on the bottom of the tart that went along nicely with the chocolate mousse.

It was a nice few minutes to catch up with the owner of Sweetly Divine and try a new chocolate decadent treat. If you have a few minutes and you want to get a taste of decadence, you should stop by Sweetly Divine, you won????????t be disappointed.

Sweetly Divine is located at 1309 North Main (By ShopKo).


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