Eureka: Ward Redistricting Ad-Hoc Committee

City of Eureka CaliforniaThe Eureka City Council will be establishing an ad hoc committee comprised of seven members to

review proposed ward boundaries for the 5 wards within the City of Eureka. Each Councilmember will

be selecting a member to represent their ward and the Mayor will select two at-large members. To be

considered for the ad hoc committee, individuals must be registered voters who live in the City of


Letters of interest are due to the City Clerk by June 30, 2017. The Mayor and Council will appoint the

members to the ad hoc committee at their July 20, 2017 meeting. The committee will begin meeting in

August to review proposed changes and make a recommendation to Council.

Please mail or e-mail your letter of interest to:

Pam Powell, City Clerk

City of Eureka

531 K Street

Eureka, CA 95501

[email protected]

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