Etsy Stores, The Place For Artists & Crafstmen

Arts, Crafts, Paintings and More. That’s what you will find in an Etsy Store.

I have been an Professional Artist for many years. I have been a Starving Artist for many more years before that lol.

Recently while visiting a friend of mine I noticed that she was listing some of her craft items on Etsy. Lori Ricks Creates handmade craft items such as Collectible Star Wars Soaps, Gift Baskets, Birthday Presents and much much more.

So, I decided to check it out… WOW, what a surprise!

If you are looking for any kind of craft, handmade item or best of all very affordably priced Original Paintings and Limited Edition Numbered Collectible Prints, you have to check out Etsy.

If you are an Artist, or Craftsmen then this is the site for you to take a long look at.

After All, I have and it’s been great so far. Want to find out more?

CLICK HERE to View Etsy.com and Original Paintings and Prints.
Original Paintings & Limited edition Prints on Etsy

and CLICK HERE for our Main Street Gallery Site

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