Energy Storage in Microgrids Market Outlook, Growth Rate Analysis and Forecast Report to 2021

Global Energy Storage in Microgrids Market is segmented on the basis of product type, technology, application, and region. Energy storage system (ESS) comprise electrochemical battery, super capacitor, compressed air energy storage, super conducting energy storage, flywheel energy storage etc. Lithium ion is commonly used because best energy to weight ratio and slow loss of charge when not in use. ESS stores energy at the time of surplus and re-dispatches it when needed.

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ESS plays important role in Microgrid. Sizing of ESS to be considered first when considering ESS in Microgrid. It increases the reliability of power system. Energy storage smooths out fluctuations in the grid and decouples generation and consumption. Energy independence and power quality are key benefits that are driving the increased attention to microgrids. A Microgrid is a local energy network that offers integration of distributed energy resources (DER) with local elastic loads, which can operate in parallel with the grid or in an intentional island mode to provide a customized level of high reliability and flexibility to grid disturbances. The advanced integrated distribution system addresses the need for application in locations with electric supply and/or delivery constraints, in remote sites, and for protection of critical loads and economically sensitive development.


Energy Storage in Microgrids Market is classified, by product type advanced lead-acid batteries, flywheel, sodium-metal halide, flow batteries (All-vanadium flow battery, Zinc-bromine flow battery), and advanced Li-ion batteries. The advanced lead-acid batteries segment is expected to be the largest market segment during the predicted period. It is expected to account for maximum market share over the predicted period and this is mainly due to the factors like its low cost and mature commercialization.


Energy Storage in Microgrids Market is classified by technology into Energy Security, Power Quality, and Energy Management. Energy Storage in Microgrids Market is classified, by application, into Military Base Microgrids, Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Microgrids, Community/Utility Microgrids, Other.


Military Base Microgridsare being actively deployed with focus on both physical and cyber security for military facilities in order to assure reliable power without relying on the Macrogrid. This segment also includes mobile Military Microgrids for forward operating bases in such places as Afghanistan. The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is actively implementing this approach.


Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Microgrid sare maturing quickly in North America and Asia Pacific; however, the lack of well –known standards for these types of Microgrids limits them globally. Therefore, they are a “type” of Microgrid but without clear characteristics. Community/Utility Microgrids is the segment where Europe leads; however, these deployments do not meet the classic definition of a Microgrid because they do not “island. ”Energy Storage in Microgrids Industry is segmented, geographically into North America, Europe (Eastern Europe, Western Europe), Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.


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North America accounted for the largest market share of the Microgrids Market and is expected to remain dominant over the predicted period. This is due to the introduction of supportive government policies, consumer-driven interest to reduce CO2 emissions, the augmented need to overcome the intermittent nature of renewables, issues related to grid reliability and safety, and battery development. Asia Pacific is expected to grow at fastest pace over the predicted period. Key players in Energy Storage in Microgrids Market include AES Energy, Axion Power, BYD, East Penn Manufacturing, Exide, LG Chem, NGK Insulators, Saft and Samsung SDI.

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