Emergency Preparedness Workshop

For over thirty years, Teresa Bassett, who was born and raised in Hyrum Ut, has made emergency preparation a top priority by researching and studying advanced
disaster planning.

Under the pen name of L.G. Wellington, has authored a 560-page, fully illustrated book entitled:

Preparing For Survival: Disaster At The Door.

The book contains detailed and realistic appraisals of when, where, and what to expect and comprehensive information on what to include in emergency pantries and important strategies, concepts, techniques, guidelines, and tips on how to prepare in advance for disasters.

Each month at the Hyrum Civic Center in downtown Hyrum City, Ut she has a free workshop based on a section from her book. The next class is Wednesday, October 2nd from 7-9:30.

Having attended the last two workshops I highly recommend attending if you have any interest in emergency preparedness. The author has tons of experience and has thought things through thoroughly. As an avid prepper myself her suggestions are more valuable that 90% of the other content out there.

A hardcopy version is available at www.disasteratthedoor.net for $29.95 (plus $5.00 shipping and handling). When purchasing the hardcopy version, residents may also prefer to send a check or money order for $34.95 to Disaster At The Door, Post Office Box 124, Wellsville, Utah 84339.

The book will be delivered ??????at your door?????? within 2-3 weeks. The website also offers ebook versions in three volumes for $5.99 each.


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