Embedded vision comes to space-constrained consumer and industrial systems with launch of new 1mm2 low-power Micro Camera Module from ams


New NanEyeM Micro Camera Module supports applications in home
robotics, smart appliances and smart toys

PREMSTAETTEN, Austria–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor
solutions, today announced the pre-release of the NanEyeM, a miniature
integrated Micro Camera Module (MCM) assembly with a tiny footprint at
the image sensor end of just 1mm2. With its compact design
and convenient interface, the NanEyeM is easy to integrate into
space-constrained industrial and consumer designs, providing new
embedded vision capabilities in products such as smart toys and home

The NanEyeM offers a high-resolution 100kpixel, 10-bit digital readout,
and features a Single-Ended Interface Mode (SEIM). Like a standard
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), the SEIM channel is easy to implement
in any host processor and provides a cost-optimized solution without the
need for LVDS deserialization. The maximum frame rate over the SEIM
interface is 58 frames/s at a clock rate of 75MHz.

The NanEyeM features a custom multi-element lens which greatly improves
the effective resolution of the sensor and reduces distortion compared
to competing sensors that have a single-element lens. The MTF
(Modulation Transfer Function) is >50% in the corners, distortion is
<15% and color aberration is <1Px.

The slave configuration in SEIM enables control of the frame rate via
the host application processor, down to rates of a single frame per
second or even slower. Synchronization of two or more cameras – a useful
capability in applications such as eye tracking or stereo vision – can
easily be performed by providing a centralized clock from the
application processor.

The NanEyeM also offers an Idle mode which reduces power consumption in
applications, such as presence detection, that require only a small
number of frames per minute.

ams will offer a reference implementation of image acquisition and
processing functions on a standard Arm® core-based processor to reduce
the customer’s development effort and accelerate time to market.

“Designers who wish to add high-resolution video capability in
space-constrained enclosures have until now been hampered by the size of
the industrial image sensors on the market. The introduction of the
NanEyeM module opens up new possibilities to add camera capability in
the smallest spaces,” said Tom Walschap, Marketing Director in the CMOS
Image Sensor business line at ams. ‘Provided in an easy-to-use module
format with a convenient digital output, designers can quickly add
camera capability with little development effort.’

The NanEyeM image sensor will be available for sampling in Q2 2019.

PR online: https://ams.com/press-releases


Amy Flécher
Vice President Marketing Communications


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