Elixirpure, Inc. Announces Product Launch of Nutritional Supplement Line

Groundbreaking Nutritional Supplement Company Releases Line of Highly Anticipated Holistic Remedies Using a Precise Blend of Science and Nature

Elixirpure, Inc. Announces Product Launch of Nutritional Supplement LineLAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elixirpure, Inc. today announced the launch of its highly anticipated line of groundbreaking nutritional supplements. The holistic remedies are created with precise ingredients and accurate formulas to enhance health and wellness.

Elixirpure saw a need for a line of natural health products sourced from the purest ingredients possible without fillers. The company believes that the best holistic formulas are created from a precise blend of science and nature. Elixirpure’s products strive to provide prescription strength quality, and results in a safe and gentle manner. The non-habit forming supplement line contains holistic remedies in precise formulas that are scientifically proven to be safe and effective for boosting health.

The company provides unbiased, research-driven content with credited guest bloggers to educate the consumer on the benefits of natural health. Elixirpure employs a degreed holistic nutritionist available to answer questions about the products via email. Additional questions can be directed to a live receptionist, where customers can speak to a real person on the phone. At the time of the launch, the company’s product line includes Sleep Elixir, a natural sleep aid to help you fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Elixirpure Inc. is a natural health company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company specializes in the topics of natural health and holistic remedies. As an upcoming leader in the natural healthcare industry, Elixirpure intends to expand its line of safe and effective holistic products while continuing to promote natural wellness through unbiased, research-driven content.


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