Electronic Waste Recycling Market 2025 Research Report with Major New Feature, Latest Trends and Outlook


7th September, 2018 – Electronic Waste Recycling Market is displaying positive outlook at a rising CAGR due to growing environmental corrective measures. E-waste from electronics, electrical and consumer electronics segment has reached colossal proportions with waste generation due to discarded electronic devices and gadgets escalating every year. Disposing electronic gadgets may bring out many valuable components within them such as gold and silver which can cause serious environmental hazards, thus behaving as growth factors for electronic waste recycling market. This growth in electronic waste recycling market gets even more enhanced due to upgraded electronic devices hitting the markets and in the process generating tons of e-waste easily making it one of the fastest growing markets worldwide.

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Estimates to e-waste generation across regions has created a lot of buzz lately, hence government organizations of various regions are taking effective steps in order to curb environmental pollution. Advancements in technology has demanded an end to obsolete technology with regions such as North America exporting E-waste to developing regions such as India and China to process recycled waste and generate market revenue. Market segmentation in electronic waste recycling industry by component includes plastic, glass, mercury, metals, printed circuit boards, hard drives, batteries and others. The segment by plastics and printed circuit boards has a larger market share in electronic waste recycling market. The segmentation of electronic waste recycling market by source includes Household appliances; IT and Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics and others. Consumer Electronics and household appliances would hold a major share of market segment in electronic waste recycling market.


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