Electronic Recycling Market 2025 Research Report with Major New Feature, Latest Trends and Outlook

6th September, 2018 – E-waste Market refers to the used electronics which are needed to be recycled or disposed. Some of the E-waste components are cathode ray tubes, plastics from printers, monitors and keyboards, computer wires chip and other gold-plated components. The process used to recycle the E-waste is die-soldering, chemical stripping, breaking and removal of yoke in case of cathode ray tubes and dumping. Some of the environmental threats that E-waste disposal causes are air emissions and heavy metal discharge into the river. With the upgradation in technology, the E-waste is increasing at a fast pace which is expected to propel the trade growth. The electronic recycling market drivers include shrinking life span of electronic devices, scarcity of resources of precious metals such as gold, palladium and high rate of obsolescence. However, due to less E-waste collection zones the market is progressing at a slow rate.

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The electronic recycling market serves various sectors such as government, manufacturers, Fortune 500 and small business firms. Owing to the falling prices of electronic components, changes in media such as software, tapes and MP3 the demand for electronic recycling is expected to increase in the future. Not disposing the electronic waste properly poses various environmental as well as security threats to exporting countries and individuals. The credit cards, hard drives, record of online transactions, private financial data if not disposed of properly may pose a security threat. Recycling E-waste holds the potential to reduce greenhouse gases and create jobs. Certain Regulations have been in–action to address the problem of increasing E-waste. European WEEE legislation was introduced in 2007, wherein it focuses on addressing the environmental impact of business activities and collection target being met by IT & Telecom sectors. In countries like USA & Canada legislations have been passed for mandating E-waste recycling requirements. Most of the companies have been following zero landfill policy and have been searching for innovative methods to recycle the E-waste.


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