Electric Vehicle Charging Station Ready For Use In Logan!

LOGAN—The Logan Downtown Alliance (LDA), with leadership and financial support from LifeStyle Homes and Wilson Motor Company, has installed Utah’s first ever Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) station on a state highway after several months of working with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Logan City Light & Power.

The EVC station was installed on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, and is the first of its kind on a Utah state highway. Not only is the EVC station ready and available for use by the general public, it is also free to use.

The installation of the EVC station on a state highway was only possible because of a successful partnership between the LDA, UDOT, and Logan City Power & Light Department. UDOT has issued an encroachment permit allowing the installation of an EVC station for 12 months, to allow a period of evaluation. After the evaluation period, UDOT will consider modifying its administrative rules to allow EVC station parking stalls on state highways throughout Utah.

The installation of the EVC station on Main Street in downtown Logan by the downtown businesses is in effort to promote clean air activities and is backed by the belief and desire that Cache Valley can be an example to the State of Utah that the citizens and businesses of a community can solve its own environmental problems and create wonderful, sustainable living communities.

Consider taking the first step by replacing one gasoline or diesel fuel vehicle for an electric vehicle in your household or business. With the typical 70-80 mile range of an electric vehicle, electric vehicles are ideal for Cache Valley. And their zero polluting benefits will help reduce the PM2.5 level during Cache Valley’s natural inversions.


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