EirTree Announces the Launch of Its Patent Pending HYPO CBD Spray for Health-Related Benefits

We are dedicated to creating positive change by establishing THE product benchmark empowering consumers to be certain that their CBD source is clean, pure and reliable. We aim to be the standard by which all other CBD products are measured!

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#addiction–Today, EirTree announces the pre-launch of its spray-on, CBD Isolate product, HYPO CBD. It is a proprietary, patent-pending formulation of CBD isolates combined with the clinically proven HypoSpray Delivery Platform. EirTree gives you the confidence to use CBD by providing transparency behind the science and ingredients that go into HYPO CBD. EirTree’s sourcing and manufacturing of HYPO CBD is at GMP standards.

Scientific research over the last 30 years has progressed our understanding of how CBD works within the human body. Recently, we have learned the purest form of CBD, that contains no THC, is CBD Isolate. CBD Isolates are created by refining the hemp plant to pull out only the CBD. And, it’s now possible to get CBD Isolates into your body at the correct, exact amount. Thanks to HYPO CBD, you can change and control how you use CBD.

Because there are few transparencies in the quality and amount of CBD contained in current CBD products such as oils, edibles, pills, and creams, you just don’t know how much CBD is getting into your body. EirTree provides that transparency with HYPO CBD. Supported by over 20 years of scientific, clinical research of molecule delivery through the skin, HYPO CBD allows the body to take in an exact amount of CBD isolate that is applied onto the skin. GMP manufacturing, the pharma industry standard, ensures that impurities and other Cannabis compounds are minimized and only CBD isolate is made available to support the body. We triple-check and document to ensure product purity and concentration.

CBD has been shown to be essential for balancing the endocannabinoid system in adults, supporting sleep and wake cycles and other health-related benefits. Additionally, the handbook of experimental pharmacology (2007), “Cannabinoids and pain,” shows that CBD helps relieve pain and reduces inflammation in the body. CBD naturally supports the body as it manages pain and repairs damage caused by injury.

“We are excited to introduce HYPO CBD to the market. After receiving the feedback from early adopters and seeing their amazing results, we are reminded again of the potential of HYPO CBD,” said Long H. Vu, Founder and CEO of EirTree. “Through advanced science, EirTree strives to provide products that make a difference today.”

About EirTree

EirTree’s mission is to give access to advanced science through products that help balance and support people’s lifestyles. Collaborating with scientific leaders in the field of transdermal delivery and health, EirTree provides future innovations to health solutions you can use today. HYPO CBD is an example of this innovation. Delivering CBD isolates. Nothing else.


Long H. Vu ([email protected])

EirTree Health

1550 Wewatta Street, Denver CO 80202




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