Egrets Have Been Spotted; Take Steps Now to Avoid Nesting

carrollton TexasMany are aware of the challenges the City faced in 2011 with migratory birds nesting in residential areas of the community. These challenges were avoided in 2012 through 2016 by developing a strong partnership between City staff and the residents in affected neighborhoods. Nesting has begun, so it is time to take preventative steps to keep these birds from settling into our neighborhoods. The City encourages residents to join this effort by taking the following steps: trim tree canopy to allow light to shine between limbs and other trees and remove old nesting material. If you identified migratory bird activity in your trees last year, begin thinking now about hanging visual deterrents such as owls, scare-eye balloons, reflective tape, or other similar material in your tree. Report heron and egret activity to Animal Services immediately by calling 972-466-3420. For more information on migratory birds, visit

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