Dyacon Weather Station and Equipment Tripod: Versatile and Easy to Use

Field equipment, whether antennas, lights, or weather stations, can function and perform their tasks much more accurately and effectively when they are installed securely. A tripod provides a convenient, stable platform for such equipment where the terrain might otherwise be unstable or uneven. Recognizing this, Dyacon has designed a weather station tripod specifically for remote field installations and at a low price tag for the user.  

What features does the Dyacon weather station tripod offer? The tripod is a portable, lightweight mounting tower that appropriately provides temporary and/or long-term weather station equipment installation. It is made of machined and welded aluminum. The tripod is un-anodized so as to improve electrical grounding and minimize cost (however, anodizing options are available).  

The tripod mast is constructed of 1” (1.32”/33.5 mm) pipe, which is compatible with standard structural pipe fittings. Standard wire rope clips are used for the stainless steel wire rope guy cables. (The cables can be attached to the legs for portability and minimal installation area or staked separately.) 

Assembly of the tripod is straightforward and requires only a single wrench to adjust the guy cables. Likewise, the tripod uses quick-release buttons that lock each segment into place and a stainless steel quick-release pin to secure the mast in the elevated position (maximum mast height is about 17 feet). 

Can I trust the tripod on uneven terrain and in inclement weather? Absolutely. Each leg has an adjustable extension and a large foot. This feature facilitates accurate and stable positioning on sloped (up to 13% slope) and uneven ground. For added security and support, holes are provided for 1/2” rebar stakes or 3/8” screws. 

Is it easy to set up? The tripod was designed specifically for remote equipment installations. Thus, the tripod structure requires no tools; only the guy wire clips require a small wrench. Because the toting of a ladder into the field is cumbersome, inconvenient, and often unsafe, the Dyacon tripod mast is designed to be raised by feeding the mast sections from the bottom. The structure needn't be climbed or tipped during installation. The leg and mast segments are interchangeable, allowing for reconfiguration in the field and minimizing the number of repair components required. 

How else is the tripod versatile? The Dyacon tripod is actually available in 7- and 10-leg/mast segment kits, depending on the users’ needs. The mast can either be suspended up in the tripod hub or in a fourth-leg configuration with the mast resting on the ground for additional load-bearing capacity. (The range of configuration options available are detailed in the Dyacon tripod manual.)   

What’s more, while this tripod is specifically designed to support Dyacon weather station equipment, it may also be used to support lightweight antenna systems and lighting.  

Contact Dyacon today. If you’re interested in learning more about the versatile Dyacon weather station tripod, please feel free to contact us today. We would be happy to help you find the best weather instrumentation fit for your specific needs. 


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