Double Identity

The other night I had an opportunity to sit back and watch a movie. I scroll through my on-demand options and find a new movie with Val Kilmer. I have liked other movies where he is the main actor, so what did I have to lose. I had just come off watching a few other sleepers (literally, I can????????t even remember what they were about.)

Double Identity has Val Kilmer playing a doctor that is in Chechnya on a humanitarian mission with Doctors Without Borders. However, because of a ??????chance?????? encounter with a mysterious woman played by Izabella Miko, the Russian mafia believes that he is someone else.

As it turns out, the diamond cartel is using him to get information on black market diamonds that are destroying the power of the cartel.

The show moves along and keeps your interest. There are a number of twists in the movie, which I felt added to the movie and made you think a bit. Was this movie an Oscar winner? I don????????t remember hearing about it at the box office (2009), so I don????????t believe so. However, it is a great movie to pass some time. I wish I would have found it earlier. I would switch between it and the ??????Bourne Identity?????? movies.

I guess that might tell you the type of movies that I like to watch.


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