Don’t Treat Us Like a Fetus

As I witness the slaughter of millions of unborn children in the U.S. (reportedly 56 million at this time), which slaughter is allowed because they are not yet legally defined as human, it makes me wonder when the voters will determine that old people are as inconvenient as an unwanted fetus, and try to define the elderly as something other than human as well. I want to ask them not to treat us like a fetus.

Anytime one set of humans starts to define another set of humans as something less or something less than human, it is because they want to do something bad to them. For example, in much of the world those who were enslaved were defined as something less than other humans. In the U.S. blacks were defined as something a step below whites in order to justify enslavement. Women have been defined as something less in many countries around the world so that men could take advantage of them. Now in the U.S. feminists are trying to define men as something less and socialists are vilifying the "rich" so they can plunder them. In the U.S. the liberals define those who disagree with them as racists or terrorists rather than debate the issues (ad hominem attacks). Germany had a propaganda program sponsored by the government to define Jews as subhuman in order to justify destroying them. Now we have many liberals and other Americans defining a pre-born child as something less than human so they can justify killing him or her. None of these situations were good situations, and it has almost always been about dehumanizing the person so you could justify doing something bad to them.

Personally I believe that mortal human life begins at conception. From that point forward the human being is constantly aging and changing until it finally dies. That human is never the same after conception. It is in a process of constant change, but it is still human from conception until it dies. Just because it is in constant change of form does not mean it is not human.

In America we are told that we have certain unalienable rights, and that among these rights are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I do hope that as our government goes bankrupt that it doesn’t decide that it cannot afford to keep old people around, and that forced or encouraged euthanasia is an answer. That would, of course, be in violation of our unalienable, God granted right to life. Already programs are showing on some PBS stations that seem to suggest that suicide for the aging is not a bad alternative.

Of course, it’s no secret that the government has made more promises than it can keep. It has committed to underfunded programs, especially social programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare that will run up hundreds of trillions of dollars of deficits. The constant wars and U.N. peacekeeping ventures to build a global U.N. empire also drain a fair amount of money and add to the deficits. Tax receipts are simply unable to keep up with the utopian promises and promises of empire, even if they raised the tax rate to 100%.

So, the government will default on these promises (it already has begun to do so). One way to default on promises made to citizens is to kill off those to whom the promises were made. Perhaps their form of euthanasia of the old will be more sophisticated than mere outright slaughter (though this has been practiced for decades against the most helpless among us, the pre-born child). My guess is that they will simply force their subjects into a universal healthcare plan and then deny care to anyone who doesn’t share their politics or deny care to anyone who is inconvenient. In that way they can “legally” kill off the opposition and save the money that would have been spent on those people through the programs mentioned above. Rationing, or denial of care, will be one tool to drive down costs. Our rulers will hold themselves above this universal healthcare system as they will belong to a separate system that will provide them with all the care and benefits they will need.

Of course, the other default that the government is already practicing is the debasement of the currency through monetary inflation. They simply create more money to pay for deficits and, thereby, debase the currency’s value or purchasing power. It is likely that a combination of over taxation, monetary inflation, outright confiscation, borrowing, rationing (denial of care and or denial of other benefits—such as changes in Social Security that will deny benefits to the "rich") and even slaughter, will be used to default on the debts the nation is piling up.

As an old person, I’d like to say to our government: “Don’t treat us like a fetus.” And, I would like to say also, “Don’t treat the fetus the way you have been either.” It’s time to stand for the right to life. You might find it interesting that there is a new act being considered in Congress called the Life at Conception Act (H.R. 1091). You can read it here: Link . That act intends to give the right to life to the unborn human child, a protection it does not enjoy today, by defining the unborn child as human.

If the federal government were limited to the powers enumerated in the original Constitution we wouldn’t have this mess created by unlimited government. We have morphed from a Constitutional Republic limited by the powers enumerated in the Constitution into a Social Democracy that has no limits on what it will promise the masses. It has promised more than it can provide.

Over promising makes the government desperate. In its desperation it casts about for ways to fund the over promises. Over taxation, borrowing, monetary inflation, and default raise their ugly heads. The killing off of inconvenient children so they don’t become a “burden on society” is one of the tools that have been used to “balance the budget”. Perhaps the time will come when they will treat the elderly as they have been treating the fetus; if an elderly person becomes inconvenient they’ll simply abort.

A better way to balance the budget is to limit government to it's enumerated powers and stop the overspending. Don't treat us like a fetus; don't abort.

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