Do You Have a Website with a Business Purpose

Over ten years ago I was forced into learning about the web and in particularly about websites in order to assist a consulting client I had. I really didn’t have an interest, but I kept dealing with the needs of my clients and that kept bringing me in contact with the web. My interest was and has been sales, marketing and sales training with consulting on the same for various companies. It was right at the time when online catalogs were beginning to be explored as an  adjunct to hard copies in the hands of consumers. This situation developed a whole new awareness in my thinking for sales and marketing.

Even after I studied the building tools for websites I really didn’t know anything about them. With new technologies such as is offered by www.pointnclik.com  LLC I found that it is now possible for the front desk secretary (or anyone including yourself) to build your business website. I did some research and talked to some highly informed companies and found out that over 90% of webmasters don’t stick around.  For myriads of reasons independent web designers move on and away. They don’t leave forwarding info and the website owner has to fend for her/himself. Before I say more about Pointnclik.com LLC you should know that in the Rocky Mountain States it has become popular for a owner of a business to have a son or daughter, niece or nephew build up a site and off you go! I’ve seen some excellent sites built either way, but……….problems arose in keeping these sites functioning.

Well there is some inherent problems and some positives to this approach. The positive is the interaction between relatives that can bring people (young and old) together in a common cause. The problem(s) can include a mismatch in prefered format or layout simply due to perspective and intent but, the real problem is a bit more subtle. Usually these young people have aspirations of their own.  Young people frequently move or get involved in other pursuits which take up a considerable amount of their time.  Going to college, getting married, studying abroad, doing church work, or a total loss of interest can plague young minds. Whenever any of the aforementioned circumstances occur it begs the question, “Who is now taking care of my business website?”

Do you have the time to learn a new language? HTML or Hypertext Markup Language,  it is a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages. The key word in this last statement is LANGUAGE.  Yes it is a language standardized and formalized to work across the web and around the world.

Now before you panic there are a number of companies that have addressed this type of problem in different ways. They have done well to lessen the burden of those with less than adequate education in building a site. Yeah, a site, not necessarily a business site but an adequate website to be sure.

There are several things to watch out for and most are “old style” sales gimmicks to push up your monthly fees. I’m not going to go into all of them here. Just be a good consumer and be aware of what you need and to whom you are wanting to reach.

To start with make a list of everything you need your business partner to be. You heard me, your business partner. The website you create is your first impression to many before they get to know your company and what you provide. You have 30 seconds to make your impression and many internet perusers won’t stay more than 15 seconds if their focus point is not being addressed. I know I just opened a can of worms here. This could be an entire seminar by itself. The point is get everything you will need to run a business online, even if you don’t need it up front. Having to buy upgrades or add ons over and over again when you didn’t know you’d need them is frustrating and EXPENSIVE. It is having a complete tool box at your disposal that makes you come off as more of a professional rather than a weekend warrior with some needs not being met. For that matter you will find that the lack of a complete tool box will have you falling short of meeting your customers needs which means you won’t be making much money. You don’t want an incomplete partnership. It is stressful. At its best you will be putting an unnecessary choke hold on the channel of your business relationship in internet commerce. In other words you’ll be starving your business/yourself needlessly.

Two things to remember!

One is that no website starts out exactly perfect. Your website should be an ongoing creation that is your electronic customer concierge. The customer concierge is your partner and liaison between your potential and current customers. You will need to adjust your thinking and your perspective as you learn what works and what doesn’t. You will find nuances about the relationship your customers are seeking and what works for your business. You and your business should take the advice of the Military, especially the Marines to heart. You observe, plan, you implement, you adapt and you overcome your objective.  Your website must have order, functionality and all with a purpose of assisting prospective clients. Your website is the client’s portal to functioning with your business and supplying not only info, but forms etc to make their experience smooth. You don’t want anyone having to call or go somewhere else needlessly to get whatever to enable them purchase or find what they are after. You need to be the end source. If you leave the small essentials out you will be sending them on a jaunt to your competitor and they most likely won’t return. Think SERVICE! Don’t assume anything. Question everything and be calm about it. Grow with it personally and as a business.

Two, in order for a website to continually be productive things must change. I’m not referring to just products or prices. The content (the verbiage that tells your story) has to be useful and the more entertaining the better. Now I mean entertaining in such a way that you aren’t or your client isn’t carried away from the purpose of the website and it cannot be distracting from the purpose of commerce…….making the sale (your business function) and purchase (consumer needs met) as agreeable and purposeful as possible.

I’m sure that you will have more questions than this short article will cover. It is a good thing that you have questions. Write them out, address your questions in order of priority, make a plan, outline it so that visually you can see the direction you want your business partner (your business website) to function. No you have a beginning and a foundation from which to put up the rest of your virtual business structure.

Partnerships and collaborations are crucial to your Partner’s success. Again, don’t assume you know why something worked or failed. Ask yourself why it did or did not work. If your partner succeeds then obviously so do you, but know why!  That brings me back to Point ‘n’ clik.com LLC ( www.pointnclik.com ). For those that feel inadequate to the task or those that need to start fast both can succeed quickly with this online DIY (Do It Yourself) partner. Your tool box is loaded from the start. Up front you get tech support, a cut and paste editor, and a shopping cart (will handle 500 products or services) along with real time review of your work as your are doing it. The aforementioned also includes hosting in the price which at $19 a month goes along way. With this offering giving you everything you need for  a fully functional business website it is worth a look. The company offers a 10 day trial at no charge.

**Some features are limited during the trial so be aware that the shopping cart won’t work for obvious reasons. Prevents scammers from setting up.


The author James Holloway has worked in sales and marketing for 45+ years. James began in wholesale distribution as  a warehouseman, moved to sales and enjoyed many experiences as an entrepreneur, contracted Sales Representative,  Master Manufacturers Representative and as a Business Consultant. James does commercial photography and videography all in the purpose of assisting his clients. James is able to compliment his wife Ruth Ann Holloway’s work, who is a licensed Master Aesthetician. They have a company Breakthrough, Inc and Dermal Dimensions Skin Therapy which can be seen on the net at www.ddskintherapy.com Ruth Ann is solely responsible for the content and graphics on her site and it is a fine example of what can be done DIY.

The above links are live to contact the business  www.pointnclik.com LLC where James became a partner then owner.


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