Do You Have a 5 Minute Workout?

How much time do you spend working out? What do you believe is the minimum amount of workout time you need? Really, it depends on the person, lifestyle and goals. The general consensus is that 20 – 30 minutes per day of cardio, weights, or stretching is what most people need. However, there are times and even groups of people where this might not be possible.

For those people who are badly out-of-shape they may have lost the ??????body-mind?????? link ??????? a connection that helps them feel the physical hunger for healthy movement. These people hate sweating, don????????t like to walk and often confuse thirst or emotional pain for hunger.

If you are someone who needs to ??????ease?????? your way back into an exercise routine, five minutes a day can be a life-saving foot in the door to a healthier life.

Here are the rules:

1) Get the most of this short routine by spreading it out throughout the day. You might want to begin with just a minute of movement in the morning, noon, afternoon, etc. Just schedule something five times throughout the day.

2) Concentrate on the abs. This is perhaps the most important muscle group in the body. The abs aid your posture and digestion. Your abs also are critical to athletic performance by transferring power from your lower body to the upper body. We are judged more often by our belt-lines than any other single physical factor.

3) What are the best exercises? Perhaps, a triple threat is the best approach: an extreme exercise, a light exercise and one that can done in public while walking or driving.

1) A roller wheel. Available at any sporting goods store, these are probably the only ab exercise machines worth your money. Simple and effective.

2) Hip lifts. Lay on your back with hands at your side. Cross your feet, then lift your feet and knees from the floor. Next, contract the abdominal muscles and lift your hips from the floor. Relax and repeat for one minute.

3) Power breathing. When you are breathing, contract your muscles hard while walking or driving. Proper breathing techniques are a plus for anyone. In fact, yoga, Tai Chi and martial arts teachers will teach proper breathing techniques.

The five minute workout is offered as an entry for people who either need to get their foot in the door of exercise. Or, people who don????????t have the time for a longer workout on days that are slammed with too much to do.


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