Dixie Forum to offer presentation on presidential candidates’ stances on key issues

Dixie Forum at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah travis-seegmiller


ST. GEORGE, Utah — Discussing presidential candidates’ positions on issues significant to this year’s election, Dixie State University Associate Professors Joe Green and Travis M. Seegmiller Sr. will present a special Election Day installment of the university’s weekly lecture series Dixie Forum.

Green, who studies political economy, and Seegmiller, an expert in legal and management issues, will present “Trump or Hillary? Who Should You Vote for Based on the Issues and Facts?” from noon to 12:50 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 8, in the Dunford Auditorium of the Browning Resource Center on the Dixie State campus. Admission is free, and the public is encouraged to attend.

The two DSU associate professors will serve as panelist-moderators, asking each other a set of questions that are designed to present the issues that have been prominent in the candidates’ campaigns, restate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s positions as articulated in campaign speeches and candidate websites, and present the panelists’ assessments regarding the candidates’ positions.

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Questions may inspect each candidate’s position on Supreme Court justices, Roe v. Wade, the Second Amendment, the Citizen’s United decision, trade, immigration, national debt, Social Security and Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, economic growth vs. economic equality, taxes, U.S. policy toward aggressive states, ISIS and the Iran nuclear deal.

Toward the end of the session, the panelists will entertain questions from the audience. Additionally, the panelist-moderators intend stay on substantive issue and as much as possible avoid issues of character and temperament.

Green is an associate professor in Dixie State’s History & Political Science Department. He began teaching at the institution 38 years ago. During his stay at Dixie, Green has taught courses in history, economics, humanities and political science.

Seegmiller is an associate professor of law and economics and managing director of the Executive Leadership Institute in Dixie State’s Business Department. After studying at Yale and Dartmouth and finally earning a juris doctorate degree from Georgetown University, Seegmiller began his career with McKinsey & Co. on Wall Street and retired as an international investment law partner at Washington, D.C.’s No. 1-rated public policy law firm to accept his current dream job at DSU.  While in Washington, Seegmiller was also on the faculty for many years at Georgetown University Law Center.

Dixie Forum is a weekly lecture series designed to introduce the St. George community and DSU students, faculty and staff to diverse ideas and personalities while widening their worldviews via a 50-minute presentation. Dixie Forum will continue at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 15, in the Dunford Auditorium with the presentation “Planet Nine from Outer Space” from Konstantin Batygin, assistant professor of planetary sciences at Caltech.

For more information about Dixie State University’s Dixie Forum series, contact DSU Forum Coordinator John Burns at 435-879-4712 or [email protected] or visit humanities.dixie.edu/the-dixie-forum.

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