Disneyland Disaster?

We estimated the trip to Disneyland with the grandkids would cost about $6k. Gas, a beach cottage, food, tickets, toys, and other expenses add up.

Just the tickets and park food were over $1,200.00 for the day we spent at California Adventure and the day we spent at Disneyland. An 8-oz bottle of water could be as much as $4. Why does anyone worry about the price of gasoline when water costs so much? Lunches were $7 to $20 per each and knd of mediocre.

The kids spent much of the time whining about how long it took to drive there, how long the lines were, how hot it was, and complaining about which rides they hadn’t gotten to take yet. There were fights and some crying. We had to be constantly vigilant so as not to lose a child in the crowd. My little granddaughter managed to vomit in the car on the way back to Disneyland on the second day.

During the first day, my grandson told me, “This is the worst day of my entire life.” So we suffered through two days in the parks, knowing that the grandkids won’t even remember these days when they get older. Other parents were also pulling, tugging, and wrestling with their children and grandchildren.

Towards the end of the two days my grandson said to me, “This is the best day of my life. I don’t ever want to leave here.” I guess all the suffering is worth it. Long live Disneyland.


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