Directional Couplers Market 2018-2022 Major Trends, Regional Analysis and Outlook


Directional Couplers Market is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR in the forecast period owing to market dynamics. A directional coupler is an electronic component consisting of four-port circuits with one port being isolated from the input port and another being considered as a through port. The device is normally used to split the input signal and distributed power. The device couples part of the transmission power by a specific factor through one port. A directional coupler, as its name implies, samples signal energy based on the direction of energy flow.


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Directional couplers are passive, matched, reciprocal and essentially lossless devices except for incidental, unavoidable dissipation. By construction, these are devices in which two transmission lines are positioned such that energy propagating on one line can couple over to the other. Couplers are frequently used for sampling a single direction of power which is propagating on a transmission line.


Top Key Manufacturers of Directional Couplers market are :-

  • Panasonic Electronics
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Skyworks Solutions
  • AVX Corporation


Directional Couplers Market by Product Type:

  • Directional coupler three port device
  • Bidirectional coupler four port device
  • Others


Directional Couplers Market by Applications:

  • Line monitoring
  • Power measurements
  • Others


Geographical Analysis of Directional Couplers Market:-

  • North America
  • Europe
  • China
  • Japan
  • Southeast Asia
  • India


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Directional couplers are used in a wide range of applications which involve measurement, power monitoring and other utilities. Directional Couplers are used to provide a simple, convenient, accurate means for sampling and monitoring incident and reflected power, as sampling devices in control loops and in a wide variety of signal processing applications.The Directional Couplers market research report is classified on the basis of product type, ports, application and geography.


On the basis of types, the Directional Couplers market research report is classified as directional coupler three port device, bidirectional coupler four port device and dual directional coupler. Directional Coupler, three port device is the one which permits sampling of incident power only.Bi-Directional Coupler, four port device is the one which permits sampling of either incident or reflected power.


Dual Directional Coupler is the one which permits simultaneous sampling of both incident and reflected power; consists of two directional couplers in a single package. On the basis of ports, the Directional Couplers market research report is classified as coupled, input, transmitted and isolated. On the basis of application, the Directional Couplers market research report is classified as line monitoring, power measurements, load source isolators and others.


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