Dinners by Diana: Delicious Convenience

My mother????????s roast beef with mashed potatoes is a little bit of heaven. If you had told me that some other cook could replicate Mom????????s roast beef, I wouldn????????t have believed you for a minute. Sadly, Mom lives 2 ???? hours away now and I only get her cooking once in a while–but (hooray!) I????????ve found someone who makes a pot roast with mashed potatoes and carrots that is very close, and she????????s right here in Layton, Utah.

Located at 338 E. Gentile Street between Fort Lane and Wasatch Drive, Dinners by Diana is a lifesaver. Diana cooks the meals herself: lasagna, shepherd????????s pie, shredded beef enchiladas, macaroni and cheese with ham, creamy chicken enchiladas, barbecue ribs, beef stroganoff and pot roast. Everyone who tries them has a favorite. They????????re dished up in four sizes: small, midi, medium and large foil pans, all ready to take home and pop in the oven.

That’s the lifesaver part. Just stop in, buy a dinner, go home and pop it in the oven. Easy-peasy. Diana spends hours in the kitchen so the rest of us won’t have to.

The food isn????????t just good; it????????s marvelous. Even the macaroni salad is something to be noticed–and then devoured. I????????m usually not too crazy about macaroni salad but Diana makes it as a kind of half-chicken-salad, half-macaroni-salad with corn, peas and celery. Yum!

Everything at Dinners by Diana is really good. I????????d like to say the best thing about Dinners by Diana is that the food is super-convenient and affordable. It is–and that????????s important–but the truth is that the very best thing about Dinners by Diana is Diana…and her succulent pot roast that tastes like my mother made it.


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