Digital Storytelling team elevating Boston voices

If you’ve checked out the City of Boston’s YouTube account — or follow the City of Boston’s social channels — you might have noticed a recent uptick in our video output. This year, we worked with New Urban Mechanics and the City’s Press Office to hire two digital storytellers, and the results have been amazing.

Our storytelling team uses video to promote residents’ voices, and share information about important City services. One of our biggest project this year was the City’s first short-form documentary about the Boston Marathon markers that commemorate the lives lost in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. They also support other City staff and departments, “teaching others to fish,” where possible.

Over the past year, we’ve launched a few different video series that cover a number of topics. You can learn more about our work below:

Boston Uncovered

We’re highlighting Boston’s rich history and how the City is trying to preserve it. The series features a range of voices, from the City Archaeologist’s latest findings to stories told from the City Archivist, to local community advocates working to preserve historic sites.

In Your Shoes

Each “In Your Shoes” episode serves as a window into the life of a specific person and how they’ve received support from City services. Our goal is to elevate the voices of those often marginalized or misrepresented. This is a platform for Boston residents to tell their own stories. And, we hope, inspire even more community spirit for one another. 

City as a Classroom

This series shows how Boston Public School students are learning outside of the classroom. We’ll highlight programs and educators that have done something different, innovative, or creative in the City. Email us at dig[email protected] if you have a teacher or a program you would like to nominate! 

A Changing City

Our team is examining how future-focused policies and ideas are helping to shape a better Boston. These videos will look at the current work as it is happening, with our five main topic areas for next year being:

  1. transportation
  2. climate change
  3. housing
  4. public safety, and 
  5. economic mobility and opportunity.

This series will showcase policy work, City tech, mayoral priorities, infrastructure updates, climate change, and more. 

Now Hiring

Working with Human Resources, we created a video series highlighting interesting careers at the City of Boston. Our goal with each episode is to pique people’s interest in applying to City jobs. We also spotlight current City workers and showcase the important work they do everyday.

Taking photos of runners at the Boston Marathon

Got an idea? Let us know

Aside from our ongoing series, there are special circumstances for one-off, interesting videos when the need arises. And, we’re always open to suggestions. 

Have a topic or area of the City you want us to focus on? Please tell us by emailing [email protected]. If there’s a great City story that needs to be told, we want to help give it life.


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