Department of Veterans affairs pays large sum to shelters

“The Department of Veterans affairs is paying large sums of money to a non-for-profit shelter “veterans Inc.” This organization is continuing to expand acquiring property at the government & tax payers expense. Veterans Inc., is also demanding the veteran pay and additional fee on top of what the Department of Veterans affairs is paying.
This is a first hand account from myself, Michael Watkins who on 9/20/2013 was referred to veterans Inc., by the Bedford VA. Upon arrival I was told to meet with the department of veterans affairs so they could pay my rent which is $1400 a month to live in a space approx. 4×6. In addition I would be required to give Veterans Inc. $200. I tried to call someone at the VA to talk about this because it doesn’t seem fair the VA would refuse to give the serviceman any money or even help with dental bill would be so willing to give a house per month, per veteran to live in a child’s bunk bed under less than humane conditions.
I know because I’ve asked different staff at the Bedford VA and none were aware the VA was paying so much per veteran to live in bunk beds at a shelter.
Why is the VA won’t assist veterans themselves? President Obama has once again failed the service member of this country mean while telling the public lies about some homeless bill. This is the homeless bill.”


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