Deep Clean and Sanitize A New Home Before You Move In

Moving Day!

The outbreak may have put a lot of plans on hold, but moving to a new home doesn’t seem to be one of them. In fact, in some places the outbreak seems to be the cause of some people moving away. If you are moving to a new home, you want to make sure that it’s good and clean before you actually move in, right? Of course you do! Cleanliness is next to godliness, as someone you’ve probably never heard of once said. It’s certainly very good for your health.

But how do you deep clean a home before you move in? Well, Clean Freak, a cleaning company in Logan, Utah, has a few suggestions.

1. Start At The Top

Drake may have started from the bottom (timely reference!), but when it comes to deep cleaning, you should adopt a top-down approach. Dust gets everywhere, including on top shelves, ceiling fans, and other high places. While cleaning those high surfaces, you’ll be knocking all that dust loose to fall to the floor. If you’ve already cleaned the floor, you’re just dirtying it up again, and that defeats the purpose. To save time, clean the high spaces first and then do the lower ones.

deep cleaning your bathroom2. Change Toilet Seats

Toilet seats can get pretty disgusting. Cleaning them can take a lot of effort, especially if the person living there before you wasn’t too diligent in cleaning them while he lived there (looking at you, Adrian!). Sometimes, it’s better to just replace them than spend all that time cleaning them up. That way, you know the seat you’ve got is clean, at least when you start using it.

3. Don’t Forget The Unseen Places

There’s a lot of places that people forget about when they clean. Attics, back rooms in basements, behind the fridge, under sinks, top shelves of closets. If you’re going to get a full deep clean, you want to take some time to do these areas as well. Attics are especially important, because those are areas that often get ignored by everyone . . . except mice and other pests. Mice can spread diseases, so you definitely want to clean those up. Just remember to wear your protective gear: rubber gloves, masks, and something to cover your hair.

4. Change Your Air Filters

This one gets so quickly forgotten. Changing your air filter isn’t something you have to do every day – or even every year – so people often forget to do it. You have no idea when the last owner of the home changed it, so just to be on the safe side, do it yourself. When you do, label it so you know when you did it. That way, when you check on it later, you know how long it’s been and whether or not it needs changing. If you move out, it’s a helpful reminder for the person who moves in after you, so that’s a nice gesture as well.

5. Spray for Pests

Bugs can nest in walls, being effectively invisible until they come out in huge numbers to gross out your dinner guests. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to spray the house for pests before moving in. Fumigation will see the entire house cleared, even those hidden places you don’t know about.

6. Do The Floors Last

deep cleaning your floorsThis goes along with the top-down approach, but the floors should always be the last thing you clean. Everything falls on the floor, so there’s not much point in cleaning it until there’s nothing left to dirty it. Do a systematic approach to ensure you get it all: start in the room in the furthest area of the house and spread out from there. Do each room as you pass it, saving the halls until you’ve cleaned the rooms that connect to them. Continue this process until you’ve reached the end. Having a checklist helps.

7. Get Some Help

Deep cleaning a house is a big job. It can be really daunting and that makes it easy to put off. If you put it off, though, it’ll never get properly done. To make it easier, get some help. If you have friends in the area, see if they’ll volunteer. If you’re completely new to the area and there’s no one you can ask in driving distance, then consider hiring a cleaning company to help. There’s always at least one you can call. The extra help not only gets it done faster, it motivates you to work on it. And who doesn’t enjoy a little company?

Deep Cleaning Checklist

A checklist can really help with deep cleaning. What makes it so intimidating is how much there is to do. You don’t know where to start. A checklist gives you direction. It also divides a huge job into multiple smaller jobs, making it seem more manageable. Ticking it off also gives you a little rush of good feelings as you see your progress move closer and closer to completion. There are plenty of deep cleaning checklists to be found online, or you can make one yourself. Just be sure you have one. It helps a lot more than you’d think.

Enjoy Clean Living

Deep cleaning is time consuming, but you’ll be glad you did it when it’s over. Your house doesn’t get dirty all at once, but over a long period of time. It happens so slowly that you often don’t realize how dirty it’s gotten until you do a deep cleaning. Once you get it all cleaned up, you find yourself wondering just how you lived in such a dirty space. You breath easier, you sleep easier, everything smells better, and that’s just after a standard cleaning! Imagine what a difference a good deep cleaning will make!

Getting a fresh start for moving into a new home is key to making it a happy place. The earliest memories of a place color the rest of your experience there. If you deep clean before you move in, you’ll be much healthier and happier at the start. That will make living there more comfortable in the long run. Make sure you get it done, for your health as well as your happiness.