Customer Service: A Marketing Tool: How to Get Your Customers to Pay More & Do it Happily! Tip – 1

1. Create and Use a Customer Database

Do you know as much about your customers as you know about your inventory? You know certain customers are worth more to your business than others, right? Are you treating all customers the same? You shouldn’t be. A database will allow you to effectively grow into areas you were not aware of. It is the goldmine hidden in your business.

Explore the many CRM (customer relationship management) solutions out there.


This tip comes from the booklet: How-to Sell More Products to More People More Often for Higher Profits series of booklets and special reports. Specifically: How-to Get Your Customers To Pay More And Do it Happily!

This booklet has been specifically designed to aid in the development of your business. The tools you find here will help you build stronger relationships with your customers and employees, making them more eager to excel in the workplace. By strengthening your workforce you will build character within your organization??Ÿ?¦Ÿ?thus retaining good employees longer and weeding out poor employees more quickly. In addition, you will give back to the community, which will reflect highly on you and your business. In short, you have the opportunity to create an exceptional company culture.

Download the booklet in the link above or you can get a checklist here >>.


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